A Fun Family Project

Upside down tomato supplies
1. Simple tools and supplies

Upside down tomato planting project
2. Cut an "X" in the bottom of the milk container

3. Make one cut in your coat hanger

Upside down tomato plant free and easy
4. Connect your hanger


Upside down tomatoes taste great!

You see a lot of advertisements urging you
to buy a "kit" to grow the upside down
tomato plants. You can do it very
simply with tools and supplies
you already may have.

Supplies Needed:
 Potting Soil, Plastic Gallon Milk Jug,
Wire Coat Hanger, Tomato Plant.

Tools Needed:
 Wire Snips, Hole Punch, Knife to
cut the plastic.

!. Gather your tools and supplies. Remember
you can live in a condo, an apartment, or
just about anywhere as long as you have
a place to hang your "garden".

2. Make an "X" incision in the bottom of the
milk container and fold the flaps inward.

3. Making the hanger couldn't be simpler!

4. Punch a hole in each side and thread
your hanger ends through and twist them up.

5. Start adding your potting soil.

6. Push the roots gently through the neck
of the container and pack dirt around
them from the other end.

7. Find a safe place to hang your project. Preferably out of the wind but with
as much sun as possible.

8. Keep it watered almost daily because it
will dry out quickly. I like to feed all of my
tomato plants with Miracle Gro
every two weeks.

That's all there is to it!
Happy Growing!!


(c) Jack Armstrong 2010
All Rights Reserved


Upside down tomato family fun project
5. Add dirt

Upside down tomato family fun project
6. Gently plant your tomato plant

Build your own pside down tomato plant project
7. Hang securely and water often

Upside down tomato family fun project
8. Blossoms and green tomatoes
at about six weeks